New Yorkers for Culture & Arts (NY4CA) envisions a future where every New Yorker is embraced by the power of culture and the arts to enrich and transform their lives and express their shared humanity.


Our Mission

Through broad coalition-based advocacy, public messaging, research and education, New Yorkers for Culture & Arts aims to ensure a vibrant future for culture and arts that will benefit all New Yorkers. The coalition of cultural groups of every size is committed to securing sustainable government resources and advancing strong public policy to support cultural organizations as well as artists and the cultural workforce at large. In addition, New Yorkers for Culture & Arts will underscore the full impact of culture and arts by building bridges and collaborations with other sectors to help address some of the city’s most significant challenges, including the education of our young people, housing and space affordability, and continued efforts to support the cultural expression and aspirations of diverse populations.

Through the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion, New Yorkers for Culture & Arts will raise the value of culture in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers as essential to the wellbeing of all our neighborhoods —and one that must be nourished by government, philanthropy and by all communities.

Areas of focus

  • Direct advocacy to positively impact the city and state arts/cultural (and related) budgets to advance the objectives and policies articulated by the culture and arts community.

  • Support for local advocacy efforts; convening, best practices and advocacy training

  • Propagate local advocacy models and templates

  • Annual Public Participation Campaign

  • Feature local arts and cultural assets, initiatives and personalities

  • Local media campaign kit and support

  • Trends, economic and cultural impact analysis

  • Information Sharing

  • Open Dialogue/Priority Setting

Up Next

New Yorkers for Culture & Arts is building on the strengths and expertise of One Percent for Culture and the New York City Arts Coalition. Its immediate focus is on outreach and engagement of the full breadth of the culture and arts community in a new membership program, and the development of a sustainable financial model to support the organization over the decades to come. Its initial programs will focus on continued advocacy for culture and arts in the Fiscal Year 2020 New York City budget; convenings across the five boroughs to develop a membership network and create a list of public policy goals that better support culture in every community; and a renewed round of data gathering to document the impact of cultural activity in every City Council district.

New Yorkers for Culture & Arts is committed to building the citywide advocacy capacity that is needed at this point in the city’s history. There has never been a more urgent need for a trusted, experienced, and skilled advocacy organization that works to advance culture and arts in New York City. As it creates new approaches to strengthening funding, visibility, and access to culture and arts, New Yorkers for Culture & Arts seeks to celebrate the broad diversity of cultural expression that makes New York City the cultural capital of the world.